About Shelter

The shelter was established by Mr. Tamaz Elizbarashvili in the fall of 2004. On his private land and private property.

The shelter has an office, veterinary clinic, rehabilitation wards, maternity ward, quarantine unit, salon, walking area, open and closed aviaries for 300 dogs, 3 bear aviaries.

 The shelter covers or assists:

1. Dogs abandoned by their owner.

2. Lost dogs.

3. Traumatized or sick street dogs.

4. Brown bears.

  Dogs are donated from the shelter. This requires the verbal consent of the rest of the family, an ID card, and an interview with the shelter founder or director.

  The gifted dog has free medical care for the rest of his life.

  The gifted dog is periodically visited by shelter staff. If he is in poor condition, he is sent back to the shelter.

 Director Mr. Temur Mamoev is responsible for the proper operation and safety of the shelter.

 Up to 12,000 homeless and abandoned dogs have survived and been sheltered by the shelter since its inception, and not a single one of them has been donated to a trusted hand.

  At present, there are 298 dogs in the shelter, of which 9 are crippled, their spines are broken and they can only move with their front paws. 1 dog does not have both hind limbs, while 11 dogs lack one leg. 26 dogs are undergoing treatment for demadecosis, we have 1 sarcoma, and 16 are sick with a viral infection. We treat 12 dogs for ehrlichiosis. The rest are healthy, sterilized and waiting for a new owner.

  The shelter will be funded until the 2019 Korona Pandemic only by its founder and owner, Mr. Tamaz Elizbarashvili.

 Many businesses in Georgia have suffered financially due to the Korona pandemic. Including Mr. Tamaz's business, which dealt a major blow to the shelter.

   Dogs lack medication and food.

 To help, Mr. Tamaz appealed to the government to donate his private property on which the shelter is built, provided the shelter would continue to operate for 8 years but would not receive new animals. After 8 years, some of the animals in the shelter will die a natural death and the rest will be donated. This proposal was not accepted by the Georgian government.

  After that, Mr. Tamaz addressed the same proposal to various business groups, but they were rejected.

   The shelter needs help. We appeal to all organizations around the world who have the ability and desire to save the only private shelter in Georgia, to help us.


                                                                       August 19, 2021.